Client: Private
Location: Chigwell, Essex
Duration: 8 months
Project Value: £160k

A comprehensive all-house refurbishment in which we transformed the very fabric of the home in a way that perfectly matched the vision of the owners. A loft conversion allowed an enhanced use of space which opened up new interior design options, added value to the property, and created additional space. The key to the success of the conversion was the way in which the stairs were integrated seamlessly into the rest of the property in a way that matched the style of the overall building.

The new bathroom offers a stunningly minimalist look that is the epitome of contemporary style. Interlocking tiles and smooth lines are the hallmark of the design, whilst the overall look and feel of the space is brought together by the way in which the light flow gently into the room, giving it a light and breezy feel.

Our personal highlight is the kitchen extension, and the way it combines light and space to create a new heart of the home that can be enjoyed for years to come. It offers a large array of work surfaces, modern appliances, and plenty of space. Everything is brought together in perfect harmony in the way that only a bespoke kitchen can offer.